Our Other Priests

Father Nicholas E. Koro, A.J. is a welcome addition to our pastoral team.  He joined us at the end of August 2014 after serving in Tanzania in Africa.  He was born and raised in Turkana County, Kenya, which lies in northern Kenya along the borders of Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia.  He is from the town of Kakuma which is also the site of one of the largest refugee camps in the world as refugees from several African nations have fled violence in their own countries.  His parents still live in Turkana County and he has two brothers and one sister. His parents are pastoralists (nomads or as we would say, migrant workers) who work the land. His home parish is Good Shepherd Catholic Parish in the Diocese of Lodwar. He attended seminaries in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya and was attracted to the Apostles of Jesus Missionaries who serve several parishes in his home diocese.  His priestly ordination was on August 19th 2007 in his home parish.

  Fr. David Ashbeck, Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin


  Fr. Robert Tino, Archdiocese of Seattle, Washington





   Fr. Henry Dahl, Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts


Fr. Julian Reginato, Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan



In addition to the two priests assigned to our parish, Fr Hans Ruygt (since July 2002) and Fr Nicholas Koro, AJ (since August 2014) we are assisted by various retired priests and priests who primarily serve in non-parochial ministry.  For example, Fr Ashbeck also works as a licensed therapist at Desert View Counseling Center in Peoria. We are also assisted at Penance Services in Advent and Lent by priests who are assisgned to neighboring parishes. The year of ordination is noted after the names.

Rev. Dr. Fr. David K. Ashbeck  1968

Rev. Dr. Fr. Robert F. Tino  1971

Rev. Fr. Henry J. Dahl  1996

Rev. Fr. Julian Reginato  1964

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