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Christ is Our Savior.
We belong to the Mystical Body of Christ as Roman Catholic Christians.  We are faith-filled, but God is not finished with us. We rely on his grace and mercy to help us overcome our sins and evil in the world. 

The Holy Eucharist is the summit and font of our daily life.  We are obliged to participate in the Holy Mass every Sunday and other Holy Days of Obligation throughout the year. It is our obligation to spend time with God in the greatest form of worship we can enjoy on earth. It is an awesome privilege. We bring all of our joys, sorrows and needs to God and he nourishes us with the Holy Bible and the bread and wine consecrated at the Mass to become the risen and glorified Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ. 


Saint Clare is our patron saint. She lived from 1193-1253 in the region of Umbria, (modern day northern Italy. Her life of holiness is an inspiration to us. She was a spiritual disciple and companion of the widely-admired, Saint Francis of Assisi. Her biography

We are an Active Family. We are ethnically and culturally diverse. We come from many states and from several countries. We are young and old, working adults, retirees and mobile seasonal parishioners.  There are many ways for you to get involved.

We strongly encourage you to be active and to register as well as subscribe to our newsfeeds by signing up for Flocknote.  Please follow us on social media. Our parish office hours are posted on the homepage.

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Our Parish Has Boundaries
The Catholic Church utilizes parish boundaries to help us organize our ministries so that no one is without a flock and a shepherd. 

You are automatically a parishioner if you live in our section of God's earth. You are not required to register. However, registration helps us keep track of our parish family and makes it easier for us to plan parish programs. When we know something about you and your family and have your contact information, it is easier to reach out or to respond when you ask for help or need a letter of permission or recommendation.

The pastor of each parish is responsible for the souls of everyone in the parish (not just Catholic souls). That is a big responsibility. Pastors must get permission from pastors of other parishes in certain circumstances such as baptism or matrimony to assist persons who seek sacraments outside of their parish of residence.

Anyone is welcome to join our parish even if they do not live in the territorial boundaries of our parish. As long as you can transport yourself to our church, there are few issues. However, when you need us to make house-calls, then boundaries can help our parish or a neighboring parish serve you more effectively to bring pastoral care such as Holy Communion to the housebound. 

When you have a medical emergency or chronic illness.
When you are in a hospital or need a house-call, the priests, deacons or Communion visitors closest to your location can normally get to you more quickly.  Minutes can matter in life and death situations. Priests provide the last rites. Therefore they normally do not travel far outside of the parish boundaries. They need to be ready for local emergencies as well as their other appointments.  (Last Rites consist of Confession, Anointing, Communion, Apostolic Pardon and Prayers for the Dying or of the Deceased -whichever of these are possible given the status of the person.)  

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