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Altar Servers

Altar Servers take responsibility for freeing the presider (priest) from various details so he may give full attention to presiding and praying. They assist with the ritual books with the liturgical prayers (Roman Missal, Book of Blessings, Binders), and help at the altar taking care of the candles, cross, and incense with reverence. This ministry is open to young members who have received all of the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation & First Communion) and are in the 3rd grade up to seniors in high school.  They might need to meet a height requirement to fit in the altar server robes or to carry the tall processional cross or candles.

It is very important that servers learn to anticipate the needs of the priest and deacon. We want to avoid the necessitey of the deacon or priest signalling the server every time he needs the book or binder or needs the server to move something. While the deacons and priests are glad to help, our hope is that new servers will eventually be able to think  on their own and be ready holding the book or binder or candle before the last minute response. For example, when the priest says, "Let us pray," the server should already have the Roman Missal open to the necessary page and ready to move into the proper position for the priest to read or chant the prayer.

Servers should understand the structure of the Mass and be able to remember the cues which tell them when to bring a particular book or binder or when to ring the bells or carry candles. They should be familiar with the prayers of the Mass. The first "job" is be be praying the Mass along with everyone else. They should participate fully in the responses of the Mass and even the singing if they are not occupied at the time with a particular function. 

Altar Server Training
It is essentiall that altar servers gradually develop a deep devotion to Our Blessed Lord in the Holy Mass. This takes time and practice and depends on the valuable assistance and encourage of the parents of the servers. We have provided another page on our website which will help servers gain a better understanding of the practical aspects of serving at the altar with reverence and great personal spiritual benefits.  Altar Server Training Resources Page

For additional information and training opportunities, please contact:

Bernadette Wagner, Director Sacred Music and Liturgy
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Parish Office: (623) 975-5602

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