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Annual Parish Life Report

Our Fiscal Year begins on July 1.

Every year, we put together our Annual Parish Life Report after we have finished the fiscal year budget which runs from July 1 through June 30 of the following year. We publish it in the fall when the majority of parishioner who are gone for the summer months have returned and can receive the report when we hand it out in church. We keep it online so that you can refer to it and enjoy it.

The purpose of the Annual Parish Life Reports is so that parishioners can get an overview of the life of the parish and how it relates to the nuts and bolts of a parish budget. It takes income to provide services to parishioners and we cannot do the many things we do with the wonderful donors.  So much of what we do is not calculated in terms of money because our people are great volunteers and countless hours are given to serve others.

At the same time, there are many aspects of parish life that do cost of money. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Utility companies insist on being paid. Our clergy and staff have to put food on the table and feed mouths. Insurance costs continue to increase. Parish property must be maintained and repaired. In addition, our parish is part of something much bigger. We are a Catholic Church and we support the practice of our faith both inside the parish and outside of it.  We have a responsibility to support services and ministries in the Diocese of Phoenix and we support national collections.  

In Sacred Scripture and in the general practice of our faith, we know that we should all be giving back to the Lord for what he has given to us. We hope that all of us will strive to reach a goal of tithing 10% from the top of our incoming and placing our trust in God's Providence to provide for our needs out of the remaining 90% of our income. 

The reports will give you a broad view of the people our parish has served and how we have served them with the resources that Our Lord has provided through the generous hearts of his people.


Annual Parish Life Report 2017-18

Annual Parish Life Report 2016-17

Annual Parish Life Report 2015-16

Annual Parish Life Report 2014-15

Annual Parish Life Report 2013-14




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