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Anniversary of our Dedication

Happy Anniversary of the Dedication of Our Church

Bishop Olmsted celebrated the Mass of Dedication for our new church on the octave of Easter in April 2010. Since Easter is a floating feast day, we continue to celebrate our anniversary on the Feast, not the calendar date.

We are so blessed to renew our joy each year on Sunday of Divine Mercy, especially because a church building is an instrument of God’s mercy. It is the house of God and summit of church life. It is the place where we receive the sacraments and gather at the Eucharistic Banquet of the Lord’s Real Presence.

Thank you for your prayers and support for our parish church. Thank you for living our Catholic Faith boldly and with fidelity. Thank you for your material support for the church and for helping us bear the financial burdens to participate in the saving work of Jesus Christ in our midst.

These are a few pictures from April 11, 2010.

We presented Bishop Olmsted with a ceremonial key and documents before entering the church. The priests gathered around the altar for the incensing and anointing of the altar and walls and lighting the altar and consecration candles around the church.

We celebrated the Mass and placed the Blessed Sacrament in our new tabernacle for the first time. The church was full of people but much of the church from floor to ceiling was barren. Much has happened since 2010 and now we offer our greatest gratitude to God for all the blessings which have flowed into our lives since that day.

May our church which has become more beautiful through the years, always provide this community with the beauty of faith lived fully for the glory of God. I thank all of you for your prayers and support through the years. God bless you.

Fr Hans Ruygt

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