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Building the Future TOGETHER

Combined Campaign

We Are Partnering With Our Diocese

We want to build a parish activities center for St Clare of Assisi Parish and to support Bishop Olmsted's campaign for evangelization and discipleship in all the parishes and missions throughout The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. We hope you will read to the bottom of this page.

Pledges are essential for us because we plan our budget based on what people intend to give. They help us measure the giving potential of our parishioners. This allows us to be more confident in establshing a budget and designing a project within that budget.

$6.5M   Combined Campaign Goal over Five Years

As you can see, we set our parish goal amount high above the bishop's goal amount. We are asking everyone to chip in with their pledge. You can see that the bishop gave us an incentive to reach the diocesan goal. Together we will advance the efforts of discipleship and evangelization in the diocese and in our parish needs. So please pray for God's guidance when making your pledge commitment.

Eternal Father, we ask you, through your Beloved Son, and the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe to pour forth your Holy Spirit upon our combined campaign.

May the light of Christ within each of us shine forth as a beacon of hope drawing all of us closer to You and to your Church. 

Consecrate us in truth and, according to your will, accomplish your plans in us to radiate the love and mercy of Jesus as exemplified by two great saints who visited our diocese, Saint Pope John Paul II and Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.
Saint Clare of Assisi, pray for us.


Questions?   Want a Pledge Card?

We had our first In-pew pledge card drive on January 11 and 12 at all the Masses. This included a long presentation by Fr. Hans Ruygt and walk-through of the pledge card as people filled it in. 

We will have a second In-pew pledge card drive on January 25 and 26 at all the Mass. There will not be a long presentation and walk-through the filling out of the card. This is an additional chance to get a card and put it in the collection basket.

You can go online to make a pledge through the TogetherGoForth website of the diocese,  It is available in English or Spanish. Select the language at top.

You can come into the office and pick up a pledge card and then return it to us.

If you have questions, call: 

      Christine Spiehs, parish business manager 623-546-3444
      Fr. Hans Ruygt, pastor,  623-546-3444
      Or the Diocese office regarding your campaign records, here

Pledge Card

The pledge card is "the driver" for your donations. You tell us what you want to give over a five year period (or sooner) and when and how much you wish to give.  It is not a contract. If your financial or health situation changes you can give less or more. The pledge card gives us your contact information so we can set up your donation correctly and assist you during the campaign.

If you have a pledge card, fill it out and write whatever instructions you wish on the front and use the back if necessary.
Put it in an envelope addressed to:

Rev. Hans Ruygt
St. Clare of Assisi Church
Together Let Us Go Forth
17111 W Bell Rd
Surprise, AZ 85374

Drop it off or mail it to the parish office.
The Diocese of Phoenix Office of Mission Advancement will take care of getting the information into the donation database they use. They will contact you if they need any more info and will use a secured phone line.
Checks should be payable to the "Together Campaign."

If you do not have a pledge card, you can contact Christine Spiehs or Fr. Hans Ruygt (see above) or wait until the weekend when we do the in-pew process at Mass, or you can go on-line to set up your pledge and payments.

Father Hans personally pledged $10,000
Bishop Olmsted asked all of his pastors to pledge a minimum of $6,000 to the diocesan campaign, but since ours is a "combined campaign" for the diocese and parish, Fr Hans decided to pledge $10,000. He has already paid $2,000 and he will continue to donate to the plate collection, loan repayment collection and special collections and now additionally to his pledge over the next five years.

Fr. Hans emphasized that he cannot ask parishioners to make a sacrifice if he doesn't join them in making his own sacrifice out of his salary.

We are in this TOGETHER.

Join Fr. Hans with a generous sacrificial gift that expresses your gratitude to God for all the blessings God has given you.


The Diocese of Phoenix Office of Mission Advancement is managing the administration of pledges and donations. This online giving portal is completely separate from our parish online giving portal. The portal is on the Together campaign website here as well as more information about the diocesan plans and ministries. When you sign up online, please fill  in the blank when asked about your parish affiliation and indicate that you belong to St. Clare of Assisi Parish 

Make a pledge or Donate here  This is a secure website.

Frequently Asked Questions  These will answer your questions about the diocesan campaign. For answers about our parish campaign look on this page or contact Fr. Hans or Christine Spiehs in the parish office.


Hacer una Promesa de Donacion o Donar aquí  este sitio es muy seguro

Preguntas Frecuentes Se puede encontrar mucha información acerca de el plan de la diócesís. Para más información acerca del plan de esta parroquia, busca esta página.


  1. Five-year pledge commitments
  2. Securities
  3. Cash
  4. Life Insurance
  5. Real Estate
  6. Bequests
  7. Retirement Account - Use your IRA

RMD     Required Minimum Distribution

If you are 70½ or older (72 if born after 7/1/1949) you are required to withdraw money from your IRA before December 31st.  You can send your IRA distributions directly to the TOGETHER campaign instead of having it sent to you. This helps you with your taxes and you avoid penalties. We have dedicated another page to tell you more.  
Read more on our RMD page.

Case Statement

[1] Parish Facilities 
The First Component of our fundraising objectives is for additional facilities
   Building the Future TOGETHER
      Parish Activities Center 
      Parking expansion
Wish List Below 
            $4,938,242  estimated cost 

[2] Diocese of Phoenix
The Second Component of our study concerns the diocese-wide evangelization and discipleship campaign.
  This will strengthen the Catholic community, parishes, schools and vocations.
   TOGETHER LET US GO FORTH ~ Juntos Sigamos Adelante    English | Español
  Bishop Olmsted asks St Clare Parishioners to contribute sacrificially:
            $1,561,758 collected over five years
             35% of this goal will be returned to our parish in quarterly payments starting March 2020
​​​​​​            (35% of $1,561,758 = $546,615.30)
            We will get back 100% of money we raise above the diocesan goal of $1,561,758.

$6.5M   Combined Campaign Goal

What this means for our building plans
      546,615  our share of diocesan goal
+ 4,938,242  we get 100% above goal
$  5,484,857 Total budget to build 


Slideshow: See why we need an activities center

FAITH FORMATION CLASSES: One Example of why we need a new building can be seen on Monday afternoon and evening when we divide the hall into classrooms using rolling "walls" which provide a visual barrier but do nothing to reduce the distractions of sounds from the other children throughout the building. It makes it hard to keep the attention of the children and teach them about God and the Catholic doctrines.

OUR OFFICES are also very crowded and we have no place to grow. Staff have to float from desk to desk to accomplish tasks and will often use an "empty" office when a staff member is away from the desk, so that they can meet privately with a family or individual to plan a funeral or wedding preparation or something else that requires confidentiality.  We even have some meetings crammed into the office or even a confessional or sacristy.

Watch the slideshow below....

Divider walls
don't block sound of classrooms

Back to Top   Case Sttement

 We Need Your Help

(1)  Pray
(2)  Continue your Sunday Plate donations
(3)  Continue to give to the Loan Repayment.
(4)  Pledge and give to the New Campaign.

We ask 100% of our parish families to do all four things.
Equal Sacrifice  (not equal donations)

[1] Prayer - This is essential to the success of all of our efforts. We ask each of you to pray daily for our combined campaign.

[2] Plate Collection - the ordinary plate weekly plate collection pays for regular parish expenses which are comparable to the family budget. We don't want you to shift your giving from this to give to the new campaign.

[3] Loan Repayment - Our monthly collection pays the mortgate on our prior construction of the church building and parking lots. We expect this loan repayment to be completely paid off before we take on the new construction loan. We do not anticipate carrying two mortgages at the same time. 
Our current payments are $32,038.80 per month
Our pay-off date is now expected 01/15/2024 but we save interest and bring the pay-off date closer when we can make extra payments of the principal. 
 We hope to have the loan completely paid off before start a new loan for new construction. See our financial reports.

[4] New Campaign: Building the Future TOGETHER 
We ask 100 percent of our parishioners to contribute something. Everyone is capable of making a sacrificial gift towards our goal. No donation is too small.  

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Master Plan

CCBG architects developed a site plan for us in 2007. 

The Original Master Plan
   1) Church
   2) Activities Center
   3) Parking
   4) Elementary School

Our current plan will help us develop the vision further.

A new parish Activities Center will be attached to the church, extending out from the end of the restroom corridor towards Bell Road. 
Parking will be expanded at two water run-off retention basins. These two areas will be covered with added parking and run-off water will be contained underground in two areas. Some additional parking may be added along current parking areas.
The Elementary School remains on hold for now. This will be built where c​​​urrent modular buildings are located. (Date Unknown. This is not part of our current fundraising objectives).

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Wish List

Parish Administration
Reception Lobby, visitor chairs, reception Desk
Office Equipment Core
   Shared High Volumn Printer/Copier, Postage Meter, Cutting Boards,
   Project Table
   Extra desks for volunteers
Individual Offices for Priests and Deacons
   Pastor, Parochial Vicar
   Space for 2-4 deacons
Individual Pastoral Staff Offices
   Business Manager
   Liturgy and Sacred Music Director
   Pastoral Care Coordinator
   Formation Director for children & adults
   Formation Youth Director
   Safe Environment Director
Staff Lunch Room, Coffee and Tea, Microwave, Water Cooler, Refrigerator
   Lunch table
Finance Office, Bookkeeper, Confidential Records, File cabinets
Storage Room for Parishioner Records - sacraments, registrations
Janitorial Room
Staff Restrooms
Storage for Office Supplies, Mail and Shipping Delivery Room
Conference Rooms
   Large conference table for Staff Meetings, for Pastoral and Finance Council Meetings,
Meeting Parlors (2-3) shared by staff as needed for counseling, meetings or interviews
   Small rooms for bereaved families, funeral preparation, private counseling,
   for sacrament of confession 

Maintenance Shop
Maintenance shop for equipment, service and repairs
Janitorial Room

Perpetual Adoration Chapel
Dignified Eucharistic Shrine for Monstrance
Pews with kneelers and book holders
Safe area with access to restrooms
Prayer Materials Shelves
KeyCode entrance lock for secure access and to cut costs of key/lock changes

Meeting Rooms
Various Size Rooms for:
Faith Formation Classes
Liturgy of the Word for Children
Kindergarten through Fifth Grade
Sixth through Eighth Grade Middle School Program
Ninth through Twelfth Grade High School Program
Infant Baptism Preparation for Parents and Godparents
RCIA Becoming Catholic Program for Children, Teens, Adults
Child Care Area to Support Parents during Faith Formation, Mass, Events
Adult Faith Formation Study Group Spaces
Prayer Group Spaces
Retreat Group Spaces
Spaces for Organizations
Storage for Organizations
Storage for Formation Programs and Events
Parish Lending Library

Events Hall
Entrance Lobby
Large Open Space for Social Events
Commercial Kitchen
Storage for Kitchen Equipment
Table and Chair Storage
Stage moveable to where needed
Sound and Video Projection equipment
Handicapped Accessible Restrooms
Delivery Dock

St Vincent de Paul Society Service Center
Appointment area to meet with clients
Storage for Non-Perishable Food and Hygiene Donations

Area that unifies the hall, offices, meeting areas and church
Secure and well lighted
Covered Space for weekend activities
Shaded area for fundraising and info table and leaders

Parking Additions
The water run-off retention basins on the southeast will be converted to parking with underground water retention.
Some other open space will provide some additional parking

God's home should reflect dignity and beauty and lift the human spirit

When we did the feasibility study in May-June 2019, the people surveyed said that while pews are important, they want the parish activities center first. Pews with kneelers are very important in Catholic worship and very practical. We are accustomed to humbling ourselves before God by kneeling if our knees cooperate. In addition, it is a major hassle to have to pay someone to straighten the rows of chairs every single week of the year, row by row, chair by chair. If our campaign raises enough money, then the pews with kneelers can be added. Meanwhile, the pew donations remain in reserve in a separate fund.

More background info, page 2

If you would enjoy reading the campaign "extras," go to page two of our project pages.   
             READ MORE

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A Prayer
for Evangelization and Discipleship

Eternal Father, we ask you, through your Beloved Son, and the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe to pour forth your Holy Spirit upon the
Building the Future TOGETHER ~ TOGETHER Let Us Go Forth ~ JUNTOS Sigamos Adelante campaign.

May the Holy Spirit renew and transform us into missionary disciples, so we may bear good fruit for the Kingdom of God.

We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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