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The parishioners and visitors are given opportunities through St Clare of Assisi Parish special collections to make financial donations to various charitable causes.  These are made either during Mass in the collection baskets, online, by mail or by walking into the parish office.

Plate Collection

The name "plate collection" is often used to refer to the "first collection" or to the general needs collection. It is used to pay the ordinary monthly expenses such as salaries, utilities, insurance, bishop's assessment, etc.

Loan Repayment Collection

This is often named "the building fund" or mortgage repayment or loan reduction or debt reduction. Terms can be confusing but people use all different language here.  In our parish we use "loan repayment collection" to refer to the collection to pay down the mortgage on our worship building, i.e. "the church" itself.  We report the status of the loan repayment on this website.

Diocesan Collections

One annual example of this is the bishop's Charity and Development Appeal (CDA)

07/20/19 16:31:05 PM


Bishop's CDA Appeal

Charity & Development

Above amount pledged. St Clare 2019 Goal: $80,000 set by diocese.


Another example is Catholic Education Arizona (CEA) which helps you redirect your annual state taxes to the Catholic school of your choice or to the CEA general tuition assistance fund.

National Collections

The national collections are established through the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and information is available on their page at USCCB.org

Emergency Response Collections

These come up as disasters take place such as floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes. Assistance is often given through Catholic Charities or other organizations of the Catholic Church or by The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix


Online Giving

Online Giving

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