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Come and See Sunday


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and isolation, we are unable to follow our normal way of welcoming newcomers to St. Clare Parish. 


New Online Registration.
Please go to our online parishioner registration and update form. Within a few minutes of your time you will be able to give us your basic household information and let us know if you want us to follow up with you for further information or an appointment. 

Parish Registration or Update Form



        We are rolling out the red carpet in welcome!               


(Normally) Once a month we host "COME AND SEE" orientation and registration in the parish hall after the 11:00 a.m. Sunday  Mass.  This presentation is for those who wish to register to become a member of St. Clare of Assisi Parish. It is also open to all parishioners who feel the call to become more acquainted with and learn about the many ways to get involved in our parish community. 

Whether you are new to our parish, a current parishioner, a Catholic from another parish thinking about joining us, curious about becoming a Catholic, or just interested in learning more about the Catholic faith, we welcome you to St. Clare! 

Day:             Second Sunday of Every Month
Time:          After the 11:00am Mass, about 12:15pm
How Long:  30 minutes
Where:        Parish Hall, south end of room


"COME AND SEE" will include:

  • Welcome by our Pastor, Fr. Hans Ruygt and Parochial Vicar, Fr. Nicholas Koro, A.J.
  • Information on the many parish ministries and activities
  • Completing the parish Registration Form
  • We take a photo of you and your family, if you allow us, for our Welcome Board in church
  • Opportunity to answer all of your questions
  • Light refreshments and snacks
  • Children are welcome

Please RSVP to the Parish Office: (623) 546-3444

We would prefer that you join us at Come and See for a 30 minute welcome and orientation and to let us help  you register, but if this is impossible, give our receptionists a call in the parish office and we will assist you over the phone.



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