COVID-19 response
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COVID-19 and Parish Life

VACCINES: Moral Considerations Concerning the New COVID-19 Vaccines

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Complete Statement issued by USCCB December 11, 2020  DOWNLOAD PDF

Guide for Returning to Church

Stay at Home If...
If you are considered a vulnerable person due to your health conditions or age or taking care of someone who has dangerous health conditions. Protect yourself and your family. If you exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19, please stay at home and take care of your health. Let us know if you need any help.

Doors Open  

Our doors are open one or more hours before the first Mass of the day and between the morning Masses. We do not use arrows on the ground to direct traffic. 


Be Personally Responsible
Be responsible for your own health decisions but be sensitive to concerns of those seated around you. When know many medical experts still do not all agree on safety measures.

Relaxed Restrictions started 5/15/21

Roped Pews:  We removed ropes in the foreward sections. We kept ropes in the back sections and in the pie-shaped seating sections for those who want more assurance that people will not sit directly in front or behind them. In non-roped areas you can still stagger the seating with some people closer to aisles and others seated more toward the center of rows.  If you think someone else is too close for your comfort, don't argue; just move to another place in church.
Medical and government authorities relaxed mask mandates in May 2021.  Our clergy and lay ministers who distribute Holy Communion will wear masks when they are face to face with you. Otherwise, make your own health decisions for your safety and that of others.  
Holy Water - We now have Holy Water near the main nave doors as you enter but not at the side exits. Continue to make the sign of the cross when you enter church with or without water as a sign of faith.

Live Stream Mass, then Communion
Bishop Thomas Olmsted wants people to either be physically present at Mass or virtually present by praying with the live-stream Mass, before going to the church to receive Communion after Mass in the narthex or curbside. 

Recorded Mass
We post our recorded Masses on our Facebook page and on our YouTube page and on our website. Follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our YouTube page to make it easier for you to find when you need these. To start, go to our website home page with the information for that day.

Rest Rooms - These will be open and the entrance doors are propped open so you will not have to pull handles or push to leave.

Drinking Fountain - blocked. Bring your own water if necessary.


  • Communion Under One Form - We will not offer the chalice to the congregation. You are not being deprived of the fullness of Holy Communion. The Catholic Church has always taught that we receive Christ's body, blood, soul and divinity wether under One Species or Both Species.
  • Please wear your mask in the communion line.
  • After the priest or other minister offers you Communion on the hand, please step to the side, remove your mask, consume the Eucharist, and then re-mask as you head back to your pew.
  • Wear your mask on your face during your time inside the church. 

On the Hand

  • Please do not grasp the host. Hold your hands still, one hand under the other. Allow the person who is giving you Communion to gently place it on your hand. Then step to the side and face the altar while you lower your mask and consume the Sacred Host, then walk back to your seat.

On the Tongue

  • We will offer Communion on the tongue at only one spot in the church at a kneeler and sanitizer table near the ambo/pulpit side. Please sit on that side so you can avoid crisscrossing through other communion lines. 
  • Then stand in the line leading to the Communion stateion. The Minister of Holy Communion will gently place the Sacred Host on your tongue, please hold your hands below to catch it if it falls. The minister will use hand sanitizer whenever there is a chance that physical contact has been made with saliva.

Communion After Mass

  • Narthex/Lobby: If you have watched the live-stream Mass and then drive to church to receive Holy Communion, enter by way of the front walkway. Feel free to stay a bit and pray inside church to give thanks to God.
  • Curbside: If you are handicapped, use the side parking spots nearest the church, even if you do not have a handicapped plate. A minister of Holy Communion will bring Communion to you in your vehicle.

Dispensation from Our Bishop
Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix has stated:
The dispensation from Sunday Mass and Holy Days of obligation remains in place. Those who are vulnerable or who care for others with underlying chronic health conditions are encouraged to stay home. In addition, those who are not feeling well are aswked to remain at home. Both are encouraged to watch Mass via livestream. The dispension does not relieve the faithful from their sacred duty to keep holy the sabbath, so all are encouraged to spend time in prayer, thanksgiviing and rest on Sundays. 

Our pastor reminds us: Keep Holy The Day of the Lord.  Give God your best. You ought to attend virtual Mass live-streamed, if possible or, if that is not possible, then please do your best to attend a recorded video Mass. (The Ten Commandments are not optional! They are good for our soul and for the community.)

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PHOTO BELOW: Communion Stations in the Narthex for those who arrive after live-stream Mass

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