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Emergency Operations Plan

Prepare and Prevent
Safety is our number one Goal for those who attend services and events at Saint Clare of Assisi Church or in any of our buildings or around the property. We want everyone to feel safe, secure, loved by God and welcomed by our community. 

The safety of this community depends on the vigilance of all those who are on our church property.  We have tragically heard authority after a national or local crisis tell everyone, "If you see something, say something."  But our question is, To whom do we tell this when we notice suspicious activity or persons on our property?  How do we know if there is truly a potential danger?

Our aim on this page and any related pages is to increase the awareness of our parishioners, lay leaders and clergy.  If there is ever a crisis, we want to respond effectively and minimize the risk or the injuries.

Crisis Management Team 
We have formed a committee to study our buidings and property and to investigate the resources and training that is available to us. We have requested and received help from local public safety officials, federal resources such as FEMA, Maricopa County government, the Diocese of Phoenix, our insurance company and other consults and experts. 

Information and Tools
This page will provide our parishioners with information and tools that could be helpful to all of us. If it is helpful in even one crisis situation it is worth our efforts. We are not doing this to alarm anyone and we certainly hope none of our actions will frighten anyone and cause them to be afraid of coming to our church or our events.  We will determine who needs training and what kind of training they need. We will develop an action plan and try to make sure all the necessary information and tools are available at the actual time they are most needed. 

Emergency Response Procedures App

Our Risk Management Department at Catholic Mutual Group has an app for your phone that is available to anyone to use.  It is available for Android devices on Google Play or for iPhone at the Apple Store. Download it from your app store directly on your mobile devices. When you are searching your app store, search for Catholic Mutual and or Emergency Response, then look for an icon similar to the logo shown here. The app is an amazingly thorough resource with many imagineable scenarious covering topics from accidents, bomb threats, fires, hostage, civil disturbances, student runaway, abduction, natural disasters, active shooters, drive-by shooting, evacuation procedures, first aid, gas leaks, suicide attempts and more. We think all of our parishioners would be wise to become familiar with this app and have it on your phone in the event you might ever need it. Even if you are not able to respond to a crisis, this information on your phone could guide someone else to spring into action to save a life or save many lives.
Please get the app today.  Everyone uses the same Username: cmgerp and the same Passcode: cmgsafe

If you wish to read more from Catholic Mutual's recommendations for improving the security of churches, please consult this article:  Catholic Mutual Church Security article (pdf)

Please Obey the Signs

We have signs on the inside of the doors that lead out from the church nave (the main area of the church) They are on all four side exits near the choir and the confessionals. Please respect the safety of all of our parishioners from a potentially dangerous intruder. We ask that if you leave church during a service, leave out the front doors, not the side doors. Never open the side doors to people pounding on them since you cannot see who is on the other side. Do not prop them open. Please only use these as emergency exits during services and then when the service is over and everyone is leaving, then feel free to go out the doors. They do not have handles on the outside (just a sign that says, Not An Entrance) because we want everyone to enter church through the narthex where we can greet them, provide bulletins or other materials and maintain public safety more easily.

External Website Links

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