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Online Giving

Please Switch from OSV to Faith Direct
The sooner you switch the better for us so we can stop paying for OSV services.

*Faith Direct and OSV are separate companies. 
We respect your privacy.
We do not have access to your payment information.
Faith Direct cannot close your OSV account for you.
Please use the customer service phone numbers for help. 
Christine Spiehs, our parish business manager will help you in whatever way she can, but in many cases she can only guide you through the process since she does not control your account. This is set up this way for your protection and privacy.

Faith Direct - Online Giving

Click now to enroll in Faith Direct
Or  Text    ENROLL
      to     623-323-4424

Enrollment Form           click here
Forma de Inscripción   haga clic aquí

Learn more?
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If you need assistance with your Faith Direct online giving account, call Customer Service    Toll Free - 866-507-8757   Local - 703-519-5710

OSV Online Giving  - by Our Sunday Visitor  
Are you using OSV now? Thank you for supporting our parish. You can still login here
 OSV Login ] but, please switch to our new vendor, Faith Direct. Here is what to do to switch:

Follow these steps:

1.  Subscribe  to Faith Direct.

2.  Set up  your donation preferences in Faith Direct.

3.  Wait  until any pending OSV donations are completed.

4.  CLOSE  your OSV account AFTER your final pending donation
Or remove your payment method information from the account.*

If you need assistance with your OSV online giving account, call the OSV Support team Toll Free: 1-800-348-2886 

If you want to talk to our parish business manager about your online giving account, call Christine Spiehs, in our parish office at 623-546-3444.

Online Giving

Online Giving

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