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Finance Council


The Finance Council is made up of members of our parish who have proven abilities and expertise in business and accounting as required by The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix.  Prospective new members must submit their resume for consideration by the pastor and current council members. Members must follow the financial policies of the diocese, canon law and generally accepted accounting principles" (or "GAAP").


The council is advisory to the Pastor in all financial matters of the Parish. In cooperation with the parish staff, it is responsible for the preparation of the annual parish budget. The finance council must approve the final budget. It reviews monthly income, expenses and capital projects as well as the bank account reconciliation. The council establishes a financial strategy for the parish. 

The Finance Council is responsible for overseeing the preparation of two financial reports to the Bishop each year, in January and July and the preparation of the financial section of the Annual Parish Life Report to the faithful. It follows finance council norms set forth by the Diocese of Phoenix Finance Office

Our Parish Finance Council regularly reports financial reports to the parishioners through monthly reports. These are available on this webiste. Read more...

Our Finance Council works with the Pastoral Council to prepare for building more facilities and providing necessary spaces and tools to support our parishioners, staff and clergy who share in the mission of Christ to evangelize the world, particularly within our region.  We can and must Build the Future Together.  Read more...

Meetings:  The Finance Council normally meets in the vestry of the church on the 4th Thursday of the month in early afternoon. These meetings are closed to parishioners except to those on the council. This allows us to freely discuss financial and pastoral matters including confidential matters. This allows the council to prepare good strategies and provide useful advice to the pastor.

Coordinator: Christine Spiehs, Parish Business Manager

Finance Council Members



Fr. Hans Ruygt

Mary Maloney

Joe Ricci

Steve Roszhart


Tony Valdez

Christine Spiehs
Parish Manager

Lisa Johnston
Streamline Accounting
Scottsdale, AZ
























Parking Lots Sealed, paved, re-striped as part of regular maintenance plan July 27, 2018
LED Lights conversions church interior, exterior lighting; to improve lighting and reduce costs of electricity done
SoundSystem in Church complete review and adjustments in church to improve parishioner experience for sacred liturgies done
Security Cameras added cameras around campus and for parish hall to protect children, teachers, staff and property done
Flooring in Admin Offices replaced worn carpets with faux wood flooring done
Air Conditioners repaired and replaced. adding separate unit for mechanical room to protect the life of the electronic equipment in progress
Landscaping improvements added color, replaced dead plants

in progress

New Lighting added lights for handicapped area near church done
Risen Christ Statue purchased and restored exterior artwork from closed PA church and restored it in AZ and installed it on back of church facing Bell and Cotton. added lighting done
Door Locks Upgraded locks for all exterior doors and implemented levels of security done
Wifi Routers upgrades to system all across campus in progress
Computer Upgrades replacing several computers at a time in regular rotating plan to keep staff work efficiency and control technology maintenance costs in progress

We help to grow the ministries of the parish, anticipate needs, evaluate monthly reports, prepare budgets, monitor income and expenses and prepare for a healthy year and future.


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