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Financial Accountability

Transparency and Integrity

We believe strongly in being good managers of the finances and temporalities of the parish. There are many financial policies that come to us directly from The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. We fulfill our duties to report the parish financial status to them as requested. We submit to regular financial reviews performed internally and through the use of a third-party, outsourced, accounting firm. We followed GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principals).  If you have question, feel free to contact our parish finance council.

Accountable to God

Our relationship to Christ and continuing his salvific mission in the world is primary to our motivation. Members of the parish finance council are chosen based on their clear commitment to Christ and his Church as well as their prior experience in financial management and their ability to maintain confidentiality.

Accountable to the Bishop

Bishops are the local managers of the diocese and all the parishes. They have oversight responsibilities which they delegate to their diocesan staff and to the pastors and administrators of parishes. 

Accountable to the Pastor

The Canon Law of the Catholic Church establishes the duties and rights of pastors.  Primarily their duties are to preach, teach, sanctify and govern.

Accountable to the Donors

We provide reports to the parish in general by posting the monthly financials and the annual report. We also provide acknowledgment letters for donations and annual contribution statements. We do not report every detail of finacial reports as this would violate confidentiality.  Parishioners are free to contact the parish business manager or members of the parish finance council with questions and concerns. We will do our best to respond to them.

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