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  Thousands of our parishioners are already connected.


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  3. My Security and Privacy

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Flocknote Registration


Flocknote connects parishioners to build a stronger community. 

It is widely used around the USA. 
The Diocese of Phoenix uses it all the time.
Our parish groups use it as well.
It  is a great tool to boost member activities and engagement.

Flocknote is mobile friendly so messages are sure to reach you wherever you have your mobile devices (or home computer).  Text messages are opened much more often by people than email so they are more effective. 

Flocknote helps protect everyone's privacy.
Flocknote gives people freedom to connect or unsubscribe to interest groups, change their contact information or control their privacy.  People who are in more than one parish group can change their contact information once. They won't need to update multiple groups. Each ministry leader can use Flocknote to communicate directly with the members of their group. People can now avoid the problem of old style email when people would reply by accidently hitting "reply all" or put your name on their list of their 50 best friends to send the joke they found that week.  Your email address and phone number will not appear in messages or when you post a comment.

Flocknote gives you more choice about what communications you receive

You have to give us your email or mobile phone number but you do not need both. If you only give us your email address, Flocknote will convert any text we send to you into an image and redirect it to your email. That way you won't be charged for unwanted text messages that might cost you money (depending on your service provider or plan)

Change your Info and Preferences Yourself
Have a new mobile number? No problem, change it in Flocknote and all of your favorite groups will have your updated contact info.  Just click "my info" at the bottom of any Flocknote your receive. (see image below).

When your Interest Changes

No problem, click "my info" and add a new connection to your newest favorite group. Changed your mind and wnat to disconnect from a group, click unsubscribe from a message you received from the group. You will always find these link within the Flocknote email at the bottom of the message. 

Want to leave us a message or react to a comment from another parishioner?

Some of our messages will ask for your comments. You can leave a comment by clicking the Reply button. We turn off that function for some types of Flocknotes we send you.

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Learn how to use Flocknote
Improve your ministry group communications

Flocknote Help Page        Click here

New to Flocknote?  Go to     Basics
Resoruces Blog
Need Help with Flocknote?  Go to   Flocknote Help
Are you the Note Sender for your ministry group?  Go to Notes

Flocknote  (excerpt republished from Diocese of Phoenix) Read

We encourage all Diocesan offices to communicate with their groups and ministries by using Flocknote (as opposed to creating and maintaining email lists in Microsoft Outlook).

Flocknote helps you reach people. There is nothing for your groups to download and no extra steps for people to stay connected with you.

By organizing your email lists into different groups and ministries on Flocknote, you can get the message to who needs it. Your members can reply directly to any email or text message you send, vote in polls, RSVP to events, and more. Finally, you will be aware of who is receiving your messages through Flocknote’s analytics. This analytic tool will provide detailed information about your messages.

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