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Marriage Enrichment

Christ and His Church are the center of a healthy marriage, family and society.

Marriage is the vocation through which most people live out their baptismal commitment. Saint Pope John Paul II often refered to the family as the "domestic Church." It is the location in which children and parents learn how to be children of God and how to be parent-shepherds leading the little ones to respond generously when Jesus says "let the children come to me."  Parent learn how to be parents as they learn how to raise their children.

They are not alone in this venture.  The Church is here to give them guidance and support. The many cultural influences of the world today can work against personal development for healthy Christian marriage and a lifetime commitment. Society expects marriages to fail, but the Catholic Church wants yours to succeed.

Marriage preparation for engaged couples is focused on helping the bride and groom ask good questions of themselves and of each other. They look at their strengths and weakness and see how they can be a strength and light for each other. They focus on the meaning of Marriage as a Sacrament: a sign of Christ's fidelity and love and the primary source of support for children. The Canon Law of the Catholic Church calls every diocese to prepare couples as well as possible for entering and living out the sacrament of marriage. I believe our diocesan marriage preparation program provides paractical tools which couples need to be strong, not only as newlyweds but also for a lifetime of faith, hope and love. 

Marriages need life-long support to bring encouragement, to renew hope and to help them when there are rough patches on the road. These will undoubtedly be part of the story of everyone's marriage, but they can also be the source of maturity and forge even stronger bonds of love.

We must never forget that the primary sources of strength in living out your Sacrament of Marriage are the weekly participation in the Holy Mass, during which we hear God's teaching in the Sacred Scripture, especially in the Gospel and New Testament. Holy Communion is food for the jorney. It is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Savior Jesus Christ. We place all our hope, joys, sorrows and sacrifices on the altar with the gifts of bread and wine which are consecrated.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is also a part of God's Enrichment Plan for married couples. We humble and frequently come to Jesus in this sacrament to confess our sins, to express our sorrow for sins and to receive Absolution with the intention to perform the penance given by the  priest-confessor. In this way we make amends and restore the bonds that are weakend or broken by minor and major sins. We are forgiven and given the grace to forgive others and to seek forgiveness within marriage and in the other human relationship with the family, community, work, school and play.

Here are some resources to help you, which are available within the Diocese of Phoenix or online.

Marriage Unique for a Reason

For Your Marriage

Por Tu Matrimonio


Support for Marriages in the Diocese of Phoenix
Marriage Enrichment programs
These include, help with infertility, healing, separation, divorce, domestic violence, special events and conferences. 

Natural Family Planning NFP Instructions

Worldwide Marriage Encounter: Marriage Weekend Retreats in Arizona

A Lifeline for Troubled Marriages: Retrouvaille





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