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Marriage Preparation

The requirements for marriage preparation flow from the Church’s deep respect for the dignity and mission of the laity in marriage. Because the Church values marriage so highly, she asks those entering marriage to understand what they are entering and to prepare for it. Marriage is a sacred covenant, a reality which far beyond a civil contract. Our diocesan marriage preparation program will provide you with the spiritual resources and practical tools you need for a strong and healthy marriage, not only as newlyweds, but for a lifetime. 

For more information, call the Parish Office to speak to our Pastor Care Coordinator who will assist you with completing the pre-marriage requirement and prepare for your marriage to be a loving covenent made in Christ and for Christ.  Our office number is:  (623) 546-3444

Pastoral Care Coordinator for Marriage Preparation:
Mr. Joe Lukaszewski  send email
Direct Phone:  623-975-5618

Marriage Preparation Process in our diocese

  The process is designed to help you form a covenant of love for each other and with the help of God.

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Office of Marriage in the Diocese of Phoenix

Natural Family Planning/ Planificación Familiar Natural

Based on the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, Unitas is a process of marriage formation designed to help couples develop the skills needed for a healthy, holy marriage. The sacrament of Holy Matrimony blesses both the lives of the couples and the life of the wider Church community. Unitas is the first marriage preparation course for Catholics tied directly to the RCIA.

USCCB Vision and Instruction

A History and Vision of Preparation for Catholic Marriage in the United States
Written by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Learn more....

Glossary of Catholic Terms
   Available on the USCCB website here





Marriage Preparation Process

Pastoral Care Coordinator
Mr. Joe Lukaszewski


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