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Medical Ethics Issues

We live in a constantly changing world in which moral relativism is widely accepted and promoted. Feelings are often valued above the use of tradition, scripture or reason. It makes it difficult to know how to handle complicated moral, medical, social and political issues. This page is here to point you toward a fuller grasp of the issues and how they should lead Catholics to faithful and virtuous living. This page was started on 6/21/2018 and will be expanded as time is available.


Diocese of Phoenix Medical Ethics Resources page
This is where you will find many different types of issues as well as those that pertain specifically to Arizona.
Diocese of Phoenix Advance Medical Directives and Arizona Health Care Power of Attorney

The National Catholic Bioethics Center NCBC, Philadelphia, PA

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Human Life and Dignity page
Be sure to check the sidebar at the left of the USCCB page with a long list of human life issues.




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