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Ministry Scheduler

We use a computer program called, Ministry Scheduler Pro, to organize all the liturgical ministers and assign them to the Masses. This works best when a liturgical minister has an email address and a computer, but there are not absolutely necessary. Some people may use a friend's computer or a computer at the library or in their community facilities, or they may request their friend to help them set this up and manage it. The office staff are willing to help, but it is preferred that individual liturgical ministers use the system to post their unavailable dates and times and set up their preferred times for being assigned to Masses. The computer program is user friendly but we understand that some people have a tough time with computers or might be intimidated by them. We will do our best to teach people how to use MSP and let you know how to access tutorial videos and instructions. 

We have a link to MSP on the website homepage. One link is for anyone in the parish to look up the list of people assisting at Mass and the other link will take liturgical ministers to their login page. The easiest way is to check your email and login directly from the emial reminders that are sent to remind people of their assignments a day or more before the Mass. People can adjust these reminders to be a day or a week or more before their assignments.

MSP also has apps for most smartphones to help us stay informed with the reminders or to enter unavailable times or change preferred times. Full functionailty is on the desktop or laptop, but many tasks can be accomplished on a smartphone.





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