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Sharing and Expanding Our Knowledge of Catholicism

We installed book shelves in the corridor that leads from the entrance to the water fountains and restrooms.

The books have been donated or purchased for the purpose of sharing them with our parishioners. We hope they will return them when they are finished reading them. This is based on an honor system of sharing, borrowing and returning.

We issue a disclaimer as to the quality of the books.  We intend to have only the best materials from Catholic sources, but it is impossible to control this completely since the church is often open and we cannot monitor the library.  Sometimes materials make their way onto the shelf that are not appropriate because they are not Catholic or contradict authentic Catholic doctrine. When we discover this, we pull those items from the shelves.  We ask that people put their donated books into the book receptacle for us to review and purge items.

Book Check-out Process

There is no official check-out process. It is the HONOR system.  Please return book(s) in 1-3 weeks (a timely manner), to its place in the color coded section, alphabetically, upon return.  The bibliography has subject matter, color codes and a list of all books and DVDs for your reference. If a book is not on the shelf, assume it is in use.
*If a book title begins with "The" it is listed under the second word of the title.
*If a book title begins with "St." it is listed under the full spelling, "Saint."

Book Categories on the shelf and desired. - All are color coded on the book spine

Catholic Social Teaching
Children's Books
Faith and Sacraments
Grief ministry
History of the Catholic Church
Oversized books
Parenting, Families, Teens
Prayer, Spirituality

Thank you from the Library Committee:

Betty Jacobsen
Pat Baxter
Betty Leadon
Carolyn Zieber
Janet Oppliger
Anne Stelzmiller





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