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Pastoral Care


Communion Visitors to the Homebound, Hospitalized, and those in Prison

St. Clare clergy, staff and lay volunteers are here to assist all those who come to our doors, enter our church or participate in our programs. We also want to help those who are unable to get to us. We are blessed to be able to send people to care for those who are ill or homebound without transportation or who are in prison.  We have "Communion Visitors" who bring Holy Communion to those in need. Our priests are also available to administer the sacraments of healing such as hearing confessions, anointing the sick, giving viaticum to the dying. Learn more

Please contact our pastoral care coordinator, Mr. Joe Lukaszewski, or speak to our receptionists to make arrangements for us to send someone to the location of someone who cannot come to us.

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Nullity of Marriage

When a marriage ends in divorce, we are here to help you pick up the pieces. The Catholic Church recognizes divorce as a legal status, but we are faithful to the teachings of the Sacred Scriptures which declare that those whom God have joined cannot be divided. Marriage is permanent. Annulment is a civil legal term but is commonly used by Catholics and can contribute to misunderstandings. The proper term is "Declaration of Nullity."  This is a declaration that there was something essential missing at the time the marriage vows were made and thus we are able to say with confidence that God did not join these two people in Holy Matrimony.  There is so much emotion attached to couples in marriage and often bitterness when marriage ends, that it is not easy to easily and briefly understand the concept and reality of a true marriage in Christ and a marriage that is declared by the Church as not a union made by God. We will do our best to walk people through this process.  To petition for a Declaration of Nullity, contact our parish pastoral care coordinator who will get your petition ready to be presented to the Marriage Tribunal of the Diocese of Phoenix.  Learn more

St Clare of Assisi Pastoral Care Coordinator
Mr. Joe Lukaszewski
Direct Phone: 623-975-5618


Pastoral Care Coordinator
Mr. Joseph 'Joe' Lukaszewski

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