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Construction Site: Updates on our new building project
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New Activities Center 

SITE PLAN (below):  This is the site plan for our new construction project. The new building will be adjacent to the church but not attached. We will show you more details about the floor plan when we are further along and ready to present those to you, but you can see the basic layout below. The center of the building is a social hall surrounded by parish offices, kitchen, classrooms and an adoration chapel. 

Planning Continues During COVID-19 Pandemic

We are currently actively raising pledges and donations for our project as we move ahead with designing the building and working to determine costs of particular items. We hired an architect and general contractor.

We hope you will share the excitement with other parishioners as we roll out the presentation of the project to our active members via Flocknote, the bulleting and other forms of communication. 

New facilities are necessary for many activities that are part of a vibrant Catholic community. The population and growth all around us is very active and will want improved services and facilities when we rise to new life after the pandemic.

First Floor Plan

Here is the latest taste of what is to come. It is an image of the first floor finish plan showing current ideas for floor finishes including hard and soft floor finishes. The top is North, bottom is South, left is West and right is east.  On the north end is the office entrance and a series of individual office. The kitchen and hall are at the center. The first floor of classrooms is on the south end. The Adoration Chapel is at the southwest corner. This the working plan on February 1, 2021. There are a total of three floors: Basement, First Floor, Second Floor. The basement and second floors have a smaller footprint that the main/first floor.



VIEW 1: (below) The view of the new parish activities center from the center parking lot. West Bell Road is on the left and North Cotton Lane exit is on the right.

VIEW 2: (below) The parish office is on the far left, then side entrances to the hall, then the adoration chapel.

VIEW 3: (below) This is the view from the church which is close to this new building but not connected to it. A plaza and prayer garden will unite the church to the activities center. You see here the adoration chapel with tower. The right of that is a large entrance to the parish hall lobby and the social hall which is in the center of the structure. The taller section to the middle and right are the meeting rooms on two levels with stairs and an elevator.

VIEW 4: (below) You are looking at the two level section of meeting rooms. The parish hall is behind this. In the background on the left, you see the adoration chapel with its tower. To the far right is West Bell Road.

VIEW 5: (below) The view from West Bell Road showing a maintenance shop, then a side entrance to the meeting rooms and parish hall and to the right of that, you are looking at arches and windows of the office segment and the parishioner and visitor entrance to the far right end.

VIEW 6:  (below)  Night with exterior lighting of the new building as seen from the church building. You can see figures of people stading near the entrance to the lobby of the parish social hall and the lights of the chapel tower.

St Clare of Assisi Buildings and Properties Committee

Rev. Hans P. Ruygt, pastor
Christine Spiehs, parish business manager
Parish Departmental Staff, consultants  website
Joseph Ricci, consultant
Roger Chandler, Ph.D., consultant
Parish Finance Council, consultants   website
Parish Pastoral Council, consultants  website
Ruotolo Associates - fundraising consultants  website
Boudreau Consulting - our accounting firm  website

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix
Office of Buildings and Properties  website
Office of Finance  website
Office of Parish Administrative Services and Legal Services  website
Office of Mission Advancement  website
Office of Together Campaign  website


Adaptive Architects   website

Status: Contracted, Spring 2020
The Project scope:

Schematic Design
Design Development
Construction Documents
Bidding Support
Construction Administration
*All Additional Services must be pre-approved by the Owner.



Wespac Construction  website

Contracted: July 2020
The project delivery method used in our diocese is Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR). The construction manager is locating contractors and refining cost-proposals as the architect continues the design phases.

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