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Safe Environment Training Process in St Clare of Assisi Parish


Safe Environment for Everyone

Our parish is committed to providing a safe place for individuals, families and vulnerable persons. Therefore, we follow a strict policy of training and continuing formation of our clergy, staff and volunteers. We ask for your cooperation and support. Our doors are open to everyone, so that means we must all remember that we are our brothers and sisters’ keepers. The safety of our community depends on all of us doing our part. If you See Something, Say Something.

Safe Environment Training compliance is mandatory for all volunteers in the Diocese of Phoenix and in St. Clare of Assisi Parish. We protect all children, youth and vulnerable adults by offering several abuse-prevention educational sessions. We are especially concerned about raising the level of awareness of our entire community so that children, youth and vulnerable adults here or in your families, schools and elsewhere are being protected by knowledgeable and actively involved adults.

We can all be part of the solution.  Together we can help prevent child abuse.  All priests, deacons and employees, are required to take Safe Environment Training annually. In addition, all volunteers serving minors, working in food pantries or meal service, providing ministerial service in private homes and/or administering service in an after school program must be trained annually. All other volunteers must also complete Safe Environment Training annually.


Safe Environment Training Program Descriptions

Training Provided to Adults

In the Diocese of Phoenix, all clergy, employees, and volunteers must initially complete a Safe Environment Training foundation class. The current foundation class is, “Protecting God’s Children for Adults.” This is an hour and a half program, which teaches about the warning signs of abuse, preventing abuse, and the steps for reporting abuse. As a component of the training you must register online and attend a live training session, followed by a Face-to-Face Interview, a Background Check and Reference Checks.

Renewal of Certification

After taking the initial Safe Environment foundation class, renewal training is required annually. It is available through Catholic Mutual Group.

If you do not have access to a computer, please contact the parish office for assistance at (623) 546-3444.  Ask for Stephanie.

Training Provided to Children:  Pre- K through 5th grades

Age-appropriate information is provided and parent/guardian permission is required for attendance at these sessions.

Training Provided to Youth:  6th - 12th grades

This program teaches youth grades 6th -12th about their physical, emotional, and behavioral boundaries and how to respond if someone tries to violate them. Youth learn why it can be difficult to report abuse that has occurred to them or someone they know. It also teaches them words to say if they, or someone they know, are being abused. Parent/ guardian permission is required for attendance of these sessions.


Stephanie Bews
St. Clare of Assisi Parish
Safe-Environment Coordinator:
office: (623) 975-5616

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Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix


Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Minors

Guidelines for Pastoral Care of Vulnerable Adults

- Available in the parish office
- Available on Diocese of Phoenix website


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Please continue to pray for the end of all abuse
and a greater respect of the human person.




Child and Youth Protection Resources from the USCCB


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