Responses to Church's Sexual Abuse Scandal
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What Catholics Believe

Prayer is communion with God. Prayer can be public or personal, spoken or silent. The Psalms are prayers we sing. Read More

Current Issues
Our parish community stays informed with Catholic News and Perspective. Read More

The Liturgical Calendar
The seasons of the Church follow one universal liturgical calendar. Read More

Papacy & Christian Unity
The Pope is the chief pastor and shepherd of the whole Church. Read More

Catholic Essentials
We follow spiritual law and foundation. Read More

The Holy Bible
We are rooted in the Sacred Scriptures of the Holy Bible. Read more...
We use officially approved translations of the Bible for our public worship, especially for the readings at the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. See the list...

Our Creed: The Core Catholic Beliefs
Father, Son, Spirit, one, holy, catholic, apostolic
Read the full creed we say every Sunday here.

The Catholic Church has defined seven sacraments - instituted by and through the life of Jesus Christ. Read More

The Catechism of the Catholic Church
Our faith-life is rooted in The Bible and Sacred Tradition. Practicing Catholics study the official Catechism in preparation for receiving the Holy Sacraments and to become more solid in their knowledge and daily living of the faith. Read more.
Models of Faith and Intercessors
Saints, Blesseds and Venerables
Mary, Queen of All Saints

Why Believe in God?
Faith and Reason are not contrary to modern science. The evidence is increasing. Read more...

Being Catholic Today
Yes, the world and society is complex and the changes we face today are happening at a fever pace. But being Catholic today, brings inner peace, a sense of purpose and joy in being human and in love with God and his church.  Read more....

Our Body Reveals God

The “Theology of the Body” is St. John Paul II's integrated vision of the human person. The human body has a specific meaning, making visible an invisible reality, and is capable of revealing answers regarding fundamental questions about us and our lives:

  • Is there a real purpose to life and if so, what is it?
  • What does it mean that we were created in the image of God?
  • Why were we created male and female? Does it really matter if we are one sex or another?
  • What does the marital union of a man and woman say to us about God and his plan for our lives?
  • What is the purpose of the married and celibate vocations?
  • What exactly is "Love"?
  • Is it truly possible to be pure of heart?

All of these questions, and many more, are answered in the 129 Wednesday audiences popularly known as the “Theology of the Body,” delivered by St. John Paul II between 1979 and 1984. Read more...

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